Don’t Be the ‘Idea Guy’

Over the years I’ve run into “Idea Guys”. You know the type, they’ve come up with a brilliant idea that nobody in the world but them could have come up with. They’ve done all the hard work, now its just a matter of pounding out the code to make it a reality and become rich.

Typically “Idea Guys” are so mesmerized by their brilliance they’re not able to see that its all about execution. Many of the great companies of today weren’t the one’s that had a brilliant idea that no one else had thought of, they were the folks that recognized a good idea, and executed like crazy to turn it into a success.

Please don’t be the “Idea Guy”. And if you’re looking for a business partner or co-founder make sure they’re not one either. Instead look for someone who has great ideas…or good enough ideas, but prides themselves on executing against their ideas until they find their way to success.

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