Tech Newsletter: Issue 7

The latest technology news from the past week (January 7-14th).  Enjoy. 🤖

🔗 Links
Deep Learning at GILT: machine learning, computer vision and fashion recommendation at scale

Deep learning 2016 the year in review

The Google Brain team — Looking Back on 2016

“OK Facebook”—Why stop at assistants? Facebook has grander ambitions for modern AI

Packers win Super Bowl LI? One A.I. platform using “Swart Intelligence” believes so

The Periodic Table of AI

World’s largest hedge fund to replace managers with artificial intelligence

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Tech Newsletter: Issue 6

The latest AI, machine learning, and bot news from the past week (January 1-7th).  Enjoy. 🤖

🔗 Links
You Know Your Product Team is Failing — Do You Know Why?

Six Commandments for Writing Good Code

Three challenges you’re going to face when building a chatbot

LSTM Neural Network for Time Series Prediction

TensorKart: self-driving MarioKart with TensorFlow

Deep Learning for Video Classification and Captioning

Continuous online video classification with TensorFlow, Inception and a Raspberry Pi

Building an Event-Based Analytics Pipeline for Amazon Game Studios’ Breakaway

Rewriting TensorFlow Graphs with the GTT

Machine Learning Crash Course: Part 2

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Tech Newsletter: Issue 5

The latest AI, machine learning, and bot news from the past (two) weeks (December 20-31st).  Enjoy. 🤖

📒 News & Notes
Happy New Year!  2017 looks to be primed to be a big year for assistants & bots (with AI sprinkled throughout).  This year I’m planning on diving in a bit deeper on the bot building front and hope to create my first “real” bot/assistant for our clients in Q1.  

Our house was invaded by Echo’s and Google Home’s over the holidays and as I see our family adjust to these ever present assistants I can’t help but think about what the future will look like as they become more pervasive in people’s homes and offices.  I’m looking forward to diving into the various options for natural language understanding and bot building and will be sure to share interesting links I come across.  What are you most interested in exploring in 2017?

Now, onto the links for the past couple of weeks……

🔗 Links
Session-based Recommendations with Recurrent Neural Networks

So you are interested in deep learning

Artificial intelligence is going to make it easier than ever to fake images and video

rasa NLU: Open-source bot tool for natural language understanding

Voice Is the Next Big Platform, and Alexa Will Own It

WebRTC: The future of games?